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Dirty Wormz - The Infektion (2002)

Additional Information:


diRTy WoRMz Is:

Smackola (voice)
DJ Crash (tables, raps & programming)
Jax (guitar)
Sanman (guitar)
Dirty D (bass, vox)
Lockjaw (drums)
Witch Doktor (syringe)

label: Vallejo Music Group
Country: United States
Quality: mp3, 320 Kb/s


1. "The Infektion" (Intro)
2. "Turn It Up" (Feat. Valleto)
3. "Wig on the Pig" (Feat. Mr. Dizz)
4. "Two Inch Reel Killa"
5. "Top of the Food Chain" (Feat. Pushmonkey, Overlord & Valleto)
6. "Tha Fire"
7. "DWZ Message" (Skit)
8. "Greazy"
9. "Impossible"
10. "Wotp FM" (Skit)
11. "Wuz Up?"
12. "Talkin' to My 40 Oz."
13. "Not Today" (Feat. A.J.)
14. "Dangerouz"
15. "Waay Foul Radio" (Feat. Mr. Dizz & Jade)


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