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Drowning Pool - Desensitized (2004)

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Drowning Pool:

  Stevie Benton - Bass
 Jason "Gong" Jones - Vocals
 Mike Luce - Drums
 C. J. Pierce - Guitar


  • Produced and Recoded by Johnny K
  • Mixed by Randy Staub
  • Additional Engineering by Tadpole and James Murray
  • Assistant Engineer at Groovemaster Recording: James Winans
  • Assistant Engineers at Ocean Studios: Jason Cupp and Alex Pavlides
  • Assistant Engineer at Armoury Studios: Misha Rajaratnam
  • Guitar Tech: Tony McQuaid
  • Recorded at Groovemaster Recording, Chicato, IL, and Ocean Studios, Burbank, CA
  • Mixed at Armoury Studios, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  • Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering, Hollywood, CA
  • Demos / Pre-Production by Ben Schigel at Last Beat Studios, Dallas, TX
  • A&R: Diana Meltzer
  • A&R / Wind-up Production Supervisor: Gregg Wattenberg
  • A&R Administration: Chipper
  • Band Photos: Clay Patrick McBride
  • Cover Star: Jesse Jane
  • Jesse Jane Photos by JOONE, courtesy of JOONE.Tv
  • Art Direction: Ed Sherman
  • Management: Paul Bassman for Bassmanagement
  • Legal: Nicholas C. Ferrara for Serling, Rooks & Ferrara, LLP
  • Booking Agent: Scott Sokol at Pinnacle Entertainment
label: Wind-up Records
Country: United States
Quality: mp3, 320 Kb/s


1. "Think"
2. "Step Up"
3. "Numb"
4. "This Life"
5. "Nothingness"
6. "Bringing Me Down"
7. "Love and War"
8. "Forget"
9. "Cast Me Aside"
10. "Killin' Me"
11. "Hate"


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