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In This Moment - The Dream (2008)

Additional Information:


Producer: Kevin Churko

In This Moment Is:

Maria Brink - Vocals and Piano
Chris Howorth - Guitar
Blake Bunzel - Guitar
Jesse Landry - Bass
Jeff Fabb - Drums

label: Century Media Records
Country: United States
Quality: mp3, VBR (avg 212kbps)


1. "Into the Dream: The Rabbit Hole"
2. "Endless Days and Nights: Forever"
3. "Forever Infinity: All for You"
4. "The Storm: Lost at Sea"
5. "Standing in the Rain: Mechanical Love"
6. "The Underworld: Her Kiss"
7. "The Promise: Into the Light"
8. "Unconditional: You Always Believed"
9. "Empires Fall and Rise Again: The Great Divide"
10. "Imagine: Violet Skies"
11. "The Rabbit Hole: The Dream"
UK Special Edition Bonus Tracks (320 Kb/s)
12. "Call Me (Blondie cover)"
13. "A Dying Star"
14. "Sailing Away"
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