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Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water (2000)

Additional Information:




 Producer: DJ Lethal, Fred Durst, Josh Abraham,
 Scott Weiland, Swizz Beatz, Terry Date


Limp Bizkit Is:

 Fred Durst - vocals
 Sam Rivers - bass
 John Otto - drums, percussion
 DJ Lethal - turntables, keyboards, samples, programming, sound development
 Wes Borland - guitars, artwork


Technical credits
  • Executive producer – Eve Butler
  • Assistant executive producer – Peter Katsis
  • Production coordination – Erin Haley
  • Producers – Josh Abraham, Terry Date, DJ Lethal, Fred Durst, Scott Weiland, Swizz Beatz
  • Editing: Domenic Barbers, DJ Premier, Carl Nappa
  • Editing assistant – Cailan Mccarthy
  • Engineers – Eric B., Joe Barresi, Barney Chase, Terry Date, Jesse Gorman, Kevin Guarnieri, Scott Olson, Ted Reiger, Dylan Vaughan, Darren Venbitti, Rakim
  • Assistant engineers – Barney Chase, Steve Conover, David Dominguez, Jaime Duncan, Fran Flannery, Kevin Guarnieri, Femio Hern?ndez, Matt Kingdom, Carl Nappa, Pete Novak, Ted Reiger, Doug Trantow
  • Keyboards – Scott Borland
  • Additional Bass Guitar – Rich Keller
  • Guest Vocals - DMX, Rob Dyrdek, Stephan Jenkins, Ben Stiller, Mark Wahlberg, Scott Weiland, Xzibit, Redman
  • Mastering – Vlado Mellior
  • Mixing – Karl Egsieker, Rich Keller, Brendan O'Brien, Michael Patterson, Steve Sisco, Andy Wallace, Josh Wilbur, Ryan Williams
  • Art coordinator – Liam Wars
  • Art direction – Fred Durst
  • Cover art – Wes Borland
  • Liner notes – Fred Durst
  • Photography – Fred Durst
label: Interscope Records
Country: United States
Quality: mp3, 256 Kb/s


1. "Intro"
2. "Hot Dog"
3. "My Generation"
4. "Full Nelson"
5. "My Way"
6. "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)"
7. "Livin' It Up"
8. "The One"
9. "Getcha Groove On" (featuring Xzibit)
10. "Take a Look Around"
11. "It'll Be OK"
12. "Boiler"
13. "Hold On" (featuring Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots)
14. "Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)" (featuring Method Man, Redman and DMX)
15. "Outro"
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