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Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (2007)

Additional Information:



Linkin Park Is:

  Chester Bennington: vocals
 Rob Bourdon: drums, percussion
 Brad Delson: guitars, bass
 Joseph Hahn: DJ, sampling
 Mike Shinoda: MC, vocals, beats, sampling, guitar


  • Produced by Rick Rubin and Mike Shinoda
  • Engineer: Andrew Scheps, Ethan Mates, and Dana Nielsen
  • Assistant engineer: Phillip Broussard, Jr.
  • Studio production coordinator: Stephanie Luby
  • Album production coordinator: Lindsay Chase
  • Recorded at The Mansion at Laurel Canyon
  • Additional recording at NRG Studios
  • Mixed by Neal Avron
  • Assisted by George Gumbs and Nicholas Fournier
  • Protools engineer: Erich Talaba
  • Mixed at Paramount Studios
  • Mastered by Dave Collins at Collins Audio
  • Strings on "Shadow of the Day", "The Little Things Give You Away", "Hands Held High", "Leave Out All the Rest" and "No Roads Left" arranged by Dave Campbell, Mike Shinoda, and Brad Delson
  • All strings conducted by Dave Campbell
  • A&R: Tom Whalley
  • A&R coordination: Liza Joseph & Trish Evangelista
  • Track 14 (Tour Edition) remixed by Mike Shinoda
  • Marketing director: Peter Standish
  • Creative direction by Frank Maddocks, Ellen Wakayama, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn
  • Art direction: Frank Maddocks and Nikos Constant
  • Design: Frank Maddocks
  • Original artwork and photography by Frank Maddocks (pages 9–10, 13-16, 19-20, 23-26)
  • Artwork by Ekundayo (pages 7–8), Phil Hale (pages 11–12) and Usugrow (pages 17–18), produced and curated by Nikos Constant for Span of Sunset, Inc.
  • Original portraits by Joshua Petker; script writing by Usugrow; collage by Frank Maddocks (pages 21–22)
  • "Tape Art" background by Keryn Thompson (pages 13–14)
  • Title page photograph by James Minchin III
  • Additional photography by James Minchin III (pages 1–2, 27-30)
  • Studio photography by Joe Hahn (pages 3–4)
  • Studio photoraphy by Mike Shinoda and Ethan Mates (pages 17–18, 31 and front and back endsheets)
  • Additional recording photography by Edward Colver (front and back endsheets)
label: Warner Bros. Records
Country: United States
Quality: mp3, 192 Kb/s


1. "Wake"
2. "Given Up"
3. "Leave Out All the Rest"
4. "Bleed It Out"
5. "Shadow of the Day"
6. "What I've Done"
7. "Hands Held High"
8. "No More Sorrow"
9. "Valentine's Day"
10. "In Between"
11. "In Pieces"
12. "The Little Things Give You Away"
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