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Terminal - Tree Of Lie (2010)

Additional Information:

Terninal Is:

Daniel Moszczynski - VOCAL
Greg Dziamka - DRUMS
Daniel Grupa - PIANO
Patryk Zukowski - GUITAR
Bartez Pietsch - BASS
Jacek Rychly - GUITAR

label: Revolution Records
Country: Poland
Quality: mp3, 320 Kb/s


o1. "The Beginning"
o2. "Afterlife"
o3. "Mind Destruction"
o4. "Together Apart"
o5. "Behind The Mask"
o6. "Brand New Sin"
o7. "Deep Inside"
o8. "The Maze"
o9. "Evil Machine"
10. "Tree Of Lie"
11. "Game Of War"
12. "The End"


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